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What Happens When You Combine Big Data With Comprehensive Analytics And The Industry’s Best Lists?

The Best ROI For Publishers and Advertisers!


Get access to a broad network of action oriented, content driven users engaging in multiple ways.

Direct Response

Build your email lists and increase your ROI by reaching targeted audience across lists with unique content catered to that unique audience to achieve maximum opens and click throughs.

Email Inventory

Karmaholic Media works directly with you to understand what is unique about you.


We know how to maximize your unsold inventory with revenue.


Karmaholic Media is a great lead source that I am always going back to for my campaigns. They are consistently adding new names to the files. And best of all, their names actually turn into buyers!

Brian Falzon

Profits Run

I don’t trust my brand with many, but when I do it’s with Karmaholic Media. They have worked with me extensively to help build out custom branded content for my subscribers and brand. It is extremely important for me to partner with the right companies that will help build and protect my name. KHM has worked feverishly to do this for me and look forward to the continued partnership.

Timothy Sykes

Millionaire Media

Partnering with Karmaholic Media in just a short time has taken TradingVibes to a leader in the online financial marketing space. The constant booking of new products through their vast network and cutting edge ways of new lead generation has helped TradingVibes continue to grow.

Pete Sirianni

Trading Vibes

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